With the rollout of Australia’s NBN network, this will have a direct impact on how your alarm is monitored. The traditional way alarms communicated back to base was over the old copper land line service. With that service now being removed your alarm system has to migrate over to this new technology.

Although the NBN.Co. initially said alarm systems would work  over the NBN, concerns were raised about the transmissions of signals in the event of a power failure. Additional to this NBN.Co. would not guarantee alarm signals getting through as data is converted from analogue to digital back to analogue again and they could not give assurances that all the packets would be converted correctly and in a timely manner.

To overcome this problem the alarm industry has developed a safe and secure method of monitoring your alarm via the 4G network using the alarms built in backup battery in the event of a power failure.

D&A Security use and recommend the Australian made Permaconn suite of communicators, ranging from a single Telstra sim, to dual Telstra and Optus sim with IP backup. These devices are locked to your alarm system once activated.

Permaconn’s also have a handy Pocket Secure app allowing you to arm / disarm your alarm from your mobile device via the use of the alarm’s key switch input.

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