Whether you own a small or large business, you want to ensure its properly secured.

D&A Security can take over or upgrade any existing alarm system.

We can also design a tailor made solution to give you piece of mind that your business is being monitored 24/7 either through the use of a back to base monitored alarm or cloud based CCTV that allows you to keep an eye on your premises when your there or away.

Below is a video taken of a shop-lifter at a local chemist, who is a client of D&A Security.

This video was recorded using a mobile phone while watching the footage on a monitor.

As you can see the offender is easily recognisable and staff would have no problem identifying her again.

This was recorded on an LTS Recorder with 4 megapixel cameras

Person identity

Again we have had a person steal multiple items from our Christies Beach pharmacy today – September 12th at around 2pm. When she activated the security gates and asked to please return into store she proceeded to abuse our staff and continued to walk away. We have provided security vision to police of her taking multiple items. Please share and maybe someone might identify her.If so please contact SA police with any information. Theft of this nature, while it appears minor, significantly jeopardises the long term viability of small business and affects the job security of the staff.

Posted by Christies Guild TerryWhite Chemmart on Thursday, September 12, 2019


Have 100% piece of mind that someone is watching over your business 24/7.

In the event of an intrusion, fire or medical emergency, the control room can dispatch the police, MFS or SA Ambulance as required, taking the stress out of worrying about your home when you’re away.

All back to base monitored alarms are NBN ready and fitted with a Permaconn 4G secure communicator, utilising the Telstra 4G network, IP or both to a ASIAL Grade A1 control room here in South Australia.

We can provide very competitive monitoring rates and once installed you may be eligible for a discount on your home and contents insurance*

Almost all alarms can be monitored, if you have an existing alarm and would like to enquire about monitoring please call or submit an online enquiry at the bottom of this page.

We can provide very competitive monitoring rates

We also fit wired or wireless “duress” or “hold-up buttons”

* Check with your insurance company


More and more businesses are relying on CCTV. With many applications including, staff and patron safety, monitoring of cash handling, customer disputes and even car parking, there’s  a camera and CCTV system to suit. New compression algorithms allow more recording time and less bandwidth on the network.

Systems from 4 cameras to 64 cameras and beyond, we can design one for any business.

The convenience of being able to remotely view your cameras from anywhere can take the stress out of knowing what is going on at any time.

Please contact us for a no obligation free site visit and quote


Self-Monitoring is becoming increasing popular with the advent of the cloud and modern technology and the overall cost is lower.

There are a number of ways of self-monitoring each with differing outcomes. Eg: Having the alarm ‘push’ notifications to your smart phone or device, or programming the alarm to call your mobile phone.

Using the RISCO alarm system you can receive push notifications, arm / disarm your alarm, check cameras, check the activity log and more.

Self-monitoring can include the use of CCTV cameras to send you snapshots or video files in the event of an intrusion.

*Please check with your insurance company if self-monitoring will affect your insurance contract*